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Beetle Chair Dining Cafe Leisure White Polypropylene Seat Golden Metal Legs

Here's our take from the minimalist Scandinavian design movement
The Minimalist Scandi Design Dining Chair is our homage to the iconic Beetle chair along with its mid-century vibe and graceful modern lines. This chair is a lightweight and easy to pick up but is an absolute heavyweight in sturdiness and durability, thanks to our high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The Minimalist Scandi Design Dining Chair seamlessly fuses simple form with practical function in one stroke.
Curvy Comfy
Featuring a beautiful curved shape that fits snugly when you sit.
Easy Maintenance
Made with high-quality plastic body and metal legs, this chair doesn't need much to stay clean and keep in excellent shape.
Style Chameleon
Comes in funky Ceylon Yellow for a nice pop Classic Black colour that will look good in any interior theme.


Beetle Dining Chair – the Perfect Addition to Any Elegant Dining Room

The Beetle Dining Chair, designed by Danish designers Gam Fratesi, is a sophisticated, modernistic dining chair that features a distinctively elegant design. This stylishly designed chair features a sleek and modern look, with an exciting and innovative design. The chair is made from strong and durable materials such as a polypropylene seating and a robust metal base, making it perfect for everyday use in your dining room.

The seating of the Beetle Dining Chair is made from a strong and resilient polypropylene, which gives it a unique modern look. This material also makes it comfortable and is easy to clean, so it won’t pick up any dirt or dust and it won’t take up too much time on cleaning day. The comfortable design is perfect for any dining room, providing your family and guests with a comfortable and enjoyable seating experience.

To ensure that the Beetle Dining Chair is sturdy and safe for use, a strong, tough metal base has been added, offering you a dependable and secure seated surface. The position of the base allows a steady and secure placement, ensuring that the chair won’t wobble while in use and that it can support up to 250 lbs. Furthermore, the metal leg is beautifully designed, with an elegant and curved shape that adds to the overall modernistic look of the chair.

The Beetle Dining Chair is the perfect addition to any elegant dining room. Its contemporary design and modernistic looks offer a great conversation starter, while its strong and durable material will keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. The comfortable seating and robust base of the chair provide a secure and reliable seating experience, so you can easily enjoy meals with your family and guests from this stylishly designed chair. With its sleek looks and strong construction, the Beetle Dining Chair is an excellent choice for any dining room.




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