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DSR Chair White


The Eames DSR chair is an iconic piece of modern furniture designed by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames. Constructed in 1940 for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the DSR chair features an ergonomic design and minimalist style that continues to make it a beloved staple in contemporary decor.

The seat of the chair is made from an innovative plastic material, known as machined Polypropylene. This seat is unique in its strength and flexibility, allowing it to mold to the body of the user without the need for a cushion or other padding. This ensures the Eames DSR chair remains lightweight and comfortable for prolonged sessions.

The curvature of the DSR chair pieces are engineered to provide necessary support while still offering a clean and geometric shape. The 5-point star base is made of chrome plated steel and provides additional structure and stability. This base also has sealed glides that offer protection against scratching the floor and reduce noise while being moved.

As with all pieces in the Eames portfolio, the DSR model remains striking after many years of use. The chair is easy to clean, with the PP seat simply wiped down with a gentle cloth and warm water.

The chair is also stackable, allowing it to be compactly stored while not in use. While the chair is often seen in living rooms, it has also seen its share of outdoor applications, with its versatility making it suitable for different environments.

Whatever environment you choose to place the DSR chair in, you can be assured of a timeless classic still capturing the admiration of interior design fans around the world. Its modern lines and pleasingly comfortable design make it a piece that addresses both function and beauty, achieving the ideal balance between them.




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