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DSW Bar Stool Green


The Eames DSW Stool is an iconic design classic created by Charles and Ray Eames. With its iconic mid-century modern styling, the DSW stands out in any interior design scheme. Its unmistakable combination of steel, wood and rubber create a bold and timeless statement that has been adopted by design aficionados around the world.

The DSW Stool is constructed from a curved plywood seat that has been reinforced with steel for strength and durability. It is supported by four tubular steel legs that are covered with a protective rubber covering. The seat is adjustable to three heights, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The high-quality construction and materials ensure that the DSW will stand the test of time.

The simple yet elegant design of the DSW creates a contemporary yet timeless addition to any living space. The smooth curves and organic shape of the seat, combined with the strong steel legs and protective rubber covering create a balanced, timeless aesthetic. It is the perfect choice for modern and traditional interiors.

The Eames DSW Stool is the perfect partner for any mid-century modern dining table or desk. It is equally at home in the kitchen, living room or office, and can be used as a seating solution for a breakfast bar or as an occasional stool. The adjustable height ensures that it can be used as a barstool or as a regular dining chair.

The DSW Stool’s timeless elegance and modern design have made it a favourite amongst interior designers and home decorators around the world. It is a great choice for any modern home, and its iconic mid-century modern styling will add visual interest to any room. Thanks to its durable construction and materials, the DSW Stool can be expected to last a lifetime.




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