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Magis chair one orange polypropylene stackable

The Magis chair one is very important furniture in our daily work-life. The Plastic Chair needs for us any type of desk work. Our every chair quality is very good’s in market. We are providing a 1-year warranty on our all products. We are following the international standard. Every Chair making accurate size. The sitting position is very important for health. We use the best quality material to produce your products. Modern design chair fits every place of your home and business place.


Magis Chair One is a modernly designed chair that offers comfort and convenience. The chair uses polypropylene (PP) material that is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. The vibrant orange color adds a vibrant touch to the design, creating a cheerful and inviting look. With its modern and trendy look, the chair is perfect for dining, kitchen, cafe, or outdoor spaces.

The chair’s slim and sleek shape provides both comfort and enough room to seat one person. The sturdy construction ensures a strong and long-lasting fit. The rounded edges also make for a comfortable seating experience. At the top of the chair, there is a rounded handle allowing you to easily move the chair from one space to another.

The Magis Chair One is available in a variety of vibrant colors, such as yellow, green, and pink, so you can find the perfect chair to match your current living space. The material itself is also water-resistant and anti-stain which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor settings - so don’t worry about leaving the chair outside in a light rain or snow.

The chair is easy to assemble and requires no tools. All you need to do is put the pieces together and you’re good to go. The PP material is quick to clean and doesn’t require much effort so you can just wipe off any spills with a dry cloth.

Magis Chair One is the perfect addition to any dining area, kitchen, cafe, or outdoor space. The modern design, vibrant color, and easy to maintain material make it a great choice. Plus, its lightweight design makes it so easy to move around.




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