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Maui Chair Light Green

its elegant lines, clearly defined colors and practical usage make maui an extremely versatile chair. capable of satisfying the widest demands for business and residential spaces. maui chairs form a family rich in chromatic and formal variations, able to meet specific needs in communal areas, such as offices, laboratories, waiting rooms, cafés and restaurants, lecture and meeting rooms, or in the home environment, such as the dining room, the children's bedrooms and the study. the polypropylene seat/back made in one piece is attached to a chromed steel structure. thanks to its design, the maui chair can be stacked between 5 and 7 high. it can also be coupled with other chairs of the same type in endless rows by means of a simple rear hook. a variety of versions are available: without armrests, with armrests in the same color as the seat, with black folding tables. the product line maui is completed with a model that is self-extinguishing. this version is particularly suitable for a business setting and meets those high criteria and demands. maui also includes a model with casters, with or without height adjustment. the seat shell in polypropylene rests on a frame of chrome-plated steel. the casters are attached to a 5-star base in chrome-plated steel.


Every home needs comfortable seating that speaks to individual style, and the Maui Chair has something for everyone! Featuring a light green polypropylene seat, this contemporary arm chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. Its limited edition chromed metal leg provides a modern look and brings an element of industrial chic to the table. With an ergonomically designed seatback, its gently curved profile sits naturally in the body to make sure you're always comfortable. This sleek, streamlined design continues with the gently curved arm rests, providing improved comfort and accessibility.

The light green polypropylene seat brings a soothing sea green hue to the room. The light color is eye-catching and refreshing, making it the perfect pairing with a timeless tan leather sofa. For a more vibrant look, pair the Maui Chair with other bright colored pieces – it will stand out beautifully against its bolder counterparts. No matter how you choose to style it, this vibrant color is always a great conversation starter and will bring a touch of vibrancy to any room.

The chromed metal leg deserves plenty of attention, too. Its sleek, minimalist look gives off an air of sophistication and modernity. Cushioned with rubber stoppers, the metal leg offers protection from any hard surfaces and allows for easy maneuvering of the chair. While resistant to scratches, the shiny chrome surface is sure to brighten any living space. Its slim build adds visual height to the chair, giving it an elegant and refined appeal.

The Maui Chair is designed for optimum comfort and balance, with interior and exterior curves that are designed to adapt to the body. Cloud-nine cushioning is integrated into the ergonomic seatback and armrests to relieve pressure while still providing plenty of support and comfort. This chair is surprisingly lightweight, so it's ideal for spaces that need a little extra seating but are short on storage space. There's no need to worry about the Maui Chair taking up too much room inside your home.

With its eye-catching and versatile design, the Maui Chair is a great addition to any space. Whether you're looking for a modern edge or a calming vibe, the chair's light green and chromed tones are perfect for adding style, comfort, and sophistication to your home. Welcome the modern aesthetic of the Maui Chair into your home, and let it put the finishing touches on your living space.




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