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Polypropylene chair yellow hollow out stackable outdoor garden dining cafe

Add a beautiful modern style to any room with this set of four Muut stacking chairs. These chairs are made of polypropylene for strength and durability and feature a lovely contemporary design with a semi-matte white color.


The Plastic Chair is an eye-catching piece of furniture which is perfect for any home, office, cafe or restaurant. Designed with durability and style in mind, this chair is made from sturdy polypropylene plastic, making it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. With a classic stackable design and vibrant yellow color, the Plastic Chair completes any interior or exterior space with a unique contemporary flair.

This stackable chair is perfect for hosting an array of occasions, ranging from dinner parties to a quiet lunch in the garden. With its sleek, contemporary lines the Plastic Chair effortlessly complements dining table settings, kitchen islands and cafe tables, creating an inviting and inviting atmosphere. The chair is designed in such a way that it can be easily stored away when not in use, making it an ultra-convenient choice of furniture.

The Plastic Chair is renowned for its durability. Durable and lightweight, it is also highly resistant to warping, temperature changes and other environmental conditions. As with all plastic furniture, it can easily be wiped down, making it low-maintenance and easy to maintain. You can also find practical replacements, such as cushions or casters, if needed.

This versatile piece of furniture can be used in both commercial and residential areas, making it suitable for restaurants, cafes, outdoor and indoor dining settings. And thanks to its spectacular yellow hue, it also provides a cheerful addition to any atmosphere.

For optimum stacking, this Plastic Chair is designed with an eye-catching vertical line pattern detail along the back, ensuring that the chairs remain securely stacked. With its secure and solid construction, this chair is capable of withstanding high-frequency usage for a long period of time, making it a great value for money choice.

The Plastic Chair is a gourmet choice for any particular occasion, whether it’s for eating, working, or simply taking in the atmosphere. Thanks to its durable materials and stackable design, this chair provides a practical solution for any space.




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