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Polypropylene office computer chair with fabric covered

The seat surface of the chair is made of polypropylene. After being molded by an injection molding machine, glass fiber is added to the raw materials to make them firm and stable. The seat surface is half wrapped with a layer of fabric, which makes it more comfortable. Ergonomic design fits the curve radian of human body. The bottom of the chair is composed of carbon steel bracket and casters, which can be rotated at any angle. It is more suitable for office and computer chairs.


A great addition to any kitchen or dining room, the Swivel Dining Chair is the perfect pick for your seating needs in style. This dining chair features a sleek and sophisticated contemporary design, with a metal base and swivel motion. It is a great way to ensure you have the ability to move and position your chair comfortably, as well as adjust the height for optimal level of comfort. The ergonomic design of the chair provides superior support for your back and neck, and ensures good posture afterwards.

The metal base is reinforced for extra durability, and the swivel feature offers you the opportunity to rotate the chair up to 360 degrees, ensuring you have the best view from any angle. The wheels are smooth and silent, allowing you to easily glide around the room and can even handle carpeted surfaces, making it perfect for a family dinner or large gathering. Plus, the rolling base makes it easy to rearrange the furniture to fit any occasion.

Unlike traditional chairs that are only designed for one-time use and stability, the swivel dining chair gives you the ability to adjust the height whenever you want and without any strenuous effort. The chair is also adjustable and includes a lever that can be used to control the height from counter to bar height. It’s great for use in any area within your home and even the office.

The ergonomic feature is an added benefit for the Swivel Dining Chair, as the curved back prevents any tiredness after a long day of sitting. The frame and cushions are designed to give you lumbar support, allowing you to relax and work comfortably. With a weight capacity of 250lbs, it’s strong enough to accommodate larger individuals with ease.

Overall, the Swivel Dining Chair is an excellent addition to your kitchen or dining room. The metal base, swivel action, adjustable height, silent wheels and ergonomic design all combine to create a chair that will provide comfort and great viewing angles no matter what the occasion.




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