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The PP chair, inspired by the One Chair design, is the essence of modern applied art. The light black polypropylene seat may resemble airy origami, but it is extremely durable and stable. Its additional advantage is a strong metal base. The black powder coated legs have thus been additionally strengthened against the effects of moisture and scratches.
Resembling a work of art, black chairs will be a unique addition to a modern living room, dining room or bedroom, and thanks to the seat materials used, we can also use them outdoors.
The possibility of stacking PP chairs makes them a great choice for restaurants or cafes. The overlapping seats are easy to transport and store.


The Magis Chair One is not just a piece of furniture; it is a testament to modern design, sustainability, and class. This iconic chair effortlessly blends minimalism, functionality, and environmental consciousness, making it a standout choice for any contemporary space. Crafted with a green and environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP) material seat and sturdy metal feet, the Magis Chair One elevates the concept of seating to a whole new level.

At first glance, the Magis Chair One captivates with its sleek and distinctive appearance. The chair features a strikingly dynamic design characterized by bold lines, fluid curves, and an overall sense of elegance. Its beautifully contoured seat, which has been meticulously crafted using green polypropylene material, not only adds a vibrant touch to any environment but also serves as an expression of the chair's dedication to environmental sustainability. This innovative choice of material not only offers exceptional durability but is also fully recyclable, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

The Magis Chair One not only embraces sustainable design but also ensures optimal comfort. The polypropylene seat showcases excellent ergonomics, providing a comfortable and supportive sitting experience for extended periods. Additionally, the ample seating area allows for freedom of movement, promoting productivity and ease during daily activities or while engaging in social gatherings.

Elevating its durability, the Magis Chair One boasts metal feet that provide superb strength and stability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the feet feature a robust structure that guarantees longevity, even under heavy use. The metal feet are also coated with a protective finish, preventing scratches and ensuring the chair retains its flawless appearance for years to come. The chair's design also incorporates protective glides, which aid in the prevention of floor damage and provide additional stability.

One of the key highlights of the Magis Chair One is its versatility, making it a seamless addition to various settings. Its distinct yet versatile design allows it to effortlessly thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether placed around a dining table, utilized in a home office, or used to create a stylish seating area on a patio, this chair is sure to impress with its ability to adapt to and enhance any space.

In addition to its appeal and functionality, the Magis Chair One is also easy to maintain. The polypropylene seat's smooth surface repels stains and is easy to wipe clean, ensuring a seamless and effortless cleaning experience. Furthermore, the durable metal feet require minimal upkeep and remain aesthetically appealing with regular care, allowing you to focus on enjoying the chair rather than maintaining it.

Adding the Magis Chair One to your living or working space instantly enhances both the visual aspect and the overall atmosphere. It is a chair that not only provides comfort and durability but also showcases your commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly design. This iconic chair is a testament to the harmony between elegant aesthetics and environmental responsibility, creating a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Invest in the Magis Chair One, and embrace a modern design that stands firmly in both style and sustainability. Experience a chair that effortlessly elevates any space, making a statement about your commitment to sophisticated design and eco-conscious choices.




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