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Tolix stool metal cafe dining blue

Both elegant and robust, solid, comfortable and easy to move around. This stool is 45 cm high and has a notch in the middle of the seat that facilitates mobility. This model comes in various colors. Perfect for events, gatherings, kitchen, restaurants. A real multipurpose stool.


If you're looking for a stylish and versatile seating solution for your dining area, cafe, or bistro, the Tolix style stool is the perfect choice. With its vibrant blue color, sturdy metal construction, and backless design, this stool effortlessly combines comfort, durability, and modern aesthetics in one piece.

The vibrant blue color of the Tolix style stool instantly catches the eye and adds a pop of color to any space. This shade of blue is not only visually appealing but also creates a sense of energy and vibrancy in the room. It is a fantastic option for those who want to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere in their dining area or cafe.

Crafted from high-quality metal, the Tolix style stool is built to last. The robust and durable construction ensures that it can withstand heavy daily use, making it an ideal choice for commercial spaces such as cafes and bistros. The metal frame is not only strong but also easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for high-traffic areas where cleanliness is crucial.

With its backless design, the Tolix style stool encourages a casual and relaxed seating experience. It allows for freedom of movement and provides flexibility for users to position themselves comfortably. This feature is particularly advantageous in busy spaces such as restaurants or cafes, where people are constantly moving in and out.

The Tolix style stool is also incredibly versatile. Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends with various interior styles, be it industrial, modern, or vintage. It can effortlessly complement any decor scheme, making it a versatile seating option for homeowners, restaurant owners, or cafe managers.

One of the outstanding features of the Tolix style stool is its ability to save space. Its compact design allows for easy stacking, making it convenient to store when not in use. This feature is especially valuable for small cafes or bistros where maximizing space is crucial. With the ability to stack several stools together, the Tolix style stool offers a practical and space-saving seating solution.

In addition to its practicality and aesthetic appeal, the Tolix style stool also ensures comfort for its users. The seat is contoured to provide a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position, allowing individuals to enjoy extended periods of seating without discomfort. Whether it's for a quick coffee break or a leisurely meal, the Tolix style stool offers a pleasant and comfortable seating experience.

To summarize, the Tolix style stool, with its stunning blue color, durable metal construction, backless design, and versatile nature, is an excellent addition to any dining area, cafe, or bistro. Its vibrant blue shade adds a burst of energy to any space, while its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability. The backless design encourages a relaxed seating experience, while its stackable feature makes it convenient for small spaces. Combining style, comfort, and functionality, the Tolix style stool is undeniably a must-have seating option for those seeking a modern and versatile seating solution.




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