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plastic cafe chair Burgundy pp stackable

This chair is made of polypropylene and molded by an injection molding machine. Glass fiber is added, which is firm and stable. Stackable design, saving space, can be put aside when not in use. You can use it indoors in any place you can think of, such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes, bedrooms, balconies, etc. If you plan to use it in an outdoor garden, you should explain to us when you purchase it. We will add UV agents in the production and manufacturing to prevent ultraviolet rays while resisting wind and rain.


The Plastic Chairs are perfect furnishing for anywhere from your home to your office. Constructed of premium polypropylene, these chairs are designed to stand up to whatever you throw at them – from excessive outdoor or indoor use, to dealing with spills or general dirt and grime. This makes them ideal for a number of different environments, including restaurants, cafes, kitchens and outdoor areas.

These plastic chairs are stackable, meaning that they can be efficiently stacked on top of one another, thus taking up less space in a storage room or closet. This makes them incredibly easy to store away and transport, whilst saving you space and providing an option for quick and simple set up and take down. They also come in a variety of different colours, sizes and finishes, so there’s sure to be a finishing touch that adds to the aesthetic of any environment.

Their lightweight yet durable nature also makes them incredibly easy to move around, meaning that they can be placed in any spot which best suits your needs. With components that have been tested to withstand over two thousand hours of wear and tear, you can be safe in the knowledge that these chairs are well protected from the elements. This long life makes these chairs a cost-effective option for any environment, whether you’re looking to refurbish a restaurant or dining room or want something to use for everyday use.

These plastic chairs also provide maximum comfort, with their ergonomic curved design. Soft yet sturdy, there's no need to worry about discomfort, so these chairs can be used for extended periods of time. They also require minimal assembly, taking away the hassle of lengthy building instructions or complex tools.

In summary, the Plastic Chairs are the perfect choice for any environment – from restaurants and cafes, to robust outdoor spaces. With their durable polypropylene construction, they can effortlessly withstand year round use, maintain their aesthetic and provide comfortable seating that's perfect for any occasion. These chairs are also stackable, making them incredibly easy to store away, saving you much needed space. With a selection of different colours, sizes and finishes, there’s sure to be a soft touch that fits in with any decoration. So if you’re looking for a plastic chair that’s both stylish and reliable, these are the perfect choice.




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