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plastic cafe chair white pp stackable

This chair is made of polypropylene and molded by an injection molding machine. Glass fiber is added, which is firm and stable. Stackable design, saving space, can be put aside when not in use. You can use it indoors in any place you can think of, such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes, bedrooms, balconies, etc. If you plan to use it in an outdoor garden, you should explain to us when you purchase it. We will add UV agents in the production and manufacturing to prevent ultraviolet rays while resisting wind and rain.


The modern plastic chair is the go-to chair for commercial and home settings, whether it’s for dining, kitchen, cafe, restaurant, or outdoor. This chair's iconic shape is light-weight, durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for any design interior and commercial uses.

This plastic chair feature a high-quality polypropylene material, molded for your comfort. Its textured surface gently followed your body curves and provides a pleasant seating experience. It is also stackable for easy storage, taking up minimal storage area in any room.

This chair is perfect for setting up an instant modern dining area for family meals, business meetings, and more. Great for both indoors and outdoors, this chair is made to last the test of the weather and time – making it the right choice for your professional setting and home.

The classic minimalist design of the chair, combined with its white colour, make this chair a timeless piece, that can compliment both modern and classic interior designs. Its robust, yet lightweight build make it easy to move around, making it either a stylish addition to any outdoor cafe or restaurant, or a go-to piece of furniture for your house.

Moreover, this plastic chair is UV resistant and waterproof, allowing you to use it with minimal maintenance, no matter the weather. It is the perfect addition to your garden, patio, balcony or terrace, providing you with a comfortable and stylish seating options for any outdoor dining setting.

No matter where you decide to use it, the plastic chair is sure to turn heads and elevate the design of any space. Its durable and easy-to-clean surface make it not just a stylish piece of furniture, but a practical and convenient one. Thus, it is perfect for both home and commercial uses.




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