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This chair is made of polypropylene and molded by an injection molding machine. Glass fiber is added, which is firm and stable. Stackable design, saving space, can be put aside when not in use. You can use it indoors in any place you can think of, such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes, bedrooms, balconies, etc. If you plan to use it in an outdoor garden, you should explain to us when you purchase it. We will add UV agents in the production and manufacturing to prevent ultraviolet rays while resisting wind and rain.


Are you looking for a polypropylene chair that will stand out in any restaurant, cafe, or outdoor setting? If so, the Yellow Stackable Polypropylene Chair with Armrests may be the perfect solution. This modern and stylish seating piece offers superior comfort, as well as exceptional durability that is perfect for commercial and hospitality areas. The vibrant yellow color is sure to make a statement and also pairs nicely with both modern and classic motifs. The included armrests feature sleek curves that provide a comfortable resting place for arms and help promote proper posture.

These chairs are perfect for restaurants, cafes, and other settings that need to seat a large number of guests at once. They are stackable, giving them the ability to fit in virtually any type of seating space. Additionally, their compact size makes them easy to move and store during busy times. Assembling the chairs is a breeze and requires no additional tools; simply follow the clear instructions that come with your purchase.

Made from 100% polypropylene, these chairs are designed to be wear and tear resistant. Each chair boasts a heavy duty frame and is built to last, even in the most demanding of environments. However, though they are strong, they are also surprisingly lightweight- making them the perfect choice for seating in outdoor venues.

In terms of comfort, these chairs take the cake. They feature a curved backrest, as well as a cushiony foam-filled seat. Moreover, the included armrests provide the perfect resting spot for weary arms; the subtle curve on the armrests also helps promote good posture.

Finally, when it comes time to clean these chairs, you’ll be happy to find that they require minimal upkeep. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a mild detergent when needed. As an added safety measure, the edges of the frame and armrests are rounded to prevent any injuries.

The Yellow Stackable Polypropylene Chair with Armrests is a great choice for seating guests in any restaurant, cafe, or outdoor area. They boast exceptional durability and feature a modern, eye-catching design that is sure to be a hit with your guests. Their comfortable armrests and cushioned seat make them the perfect place to rest after a delicious meal. Best of all, because they are stackable, you’ll be able to free up space when not in use and ready them quickly when it’s time for your guests to take their seats.




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