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What is polypropylene and what are its advantages in patio furniture?


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer, in other words, a material that becomes deformable or flexible at high temperatures and hardens when sufficiently cooled. It is one of the most versatile plastics available, which is why it is used for so many different purposes.

This polymer is used in the form of fibres for the production of various types of furniture because it has many advantages over other materials. Thanks to its low density, furniture made of polypropylene is very light, which makes it easy to transport. Additionally, this furniture is distinguished by its strength and rigidity, which guarantees a long-lasting product that is difficult to break.

Another of its advantages is its high resistance to ambient temperature. Due to its water repellence and resistance, you will be able to leave your furniture outdoors without any problem. It is also weather-resistant; sun, rain and wind will not easily damage the furniture. This means you do not have to worry about the colour of your furniture fading on sunny days, and on winter days, it will not suffer rapid deterioration from heavy rain or strong winds. 

It is also an environmentally friendly material as it has a minimal environmental impact. Polypropylene is reusable, in fact, it can be recycled up to 6 times. On top of this, it is very strong and durable, so you will not have to replace your furniture every few years. This will have a positive impact on both the planet and your economy.

And last but not least, polypropylene allows you to design furniture in a multitude of different forms, due to its ease of being moulded. It also offers you the possibility of designing furniture in many different colours due to its ability to be mixed with different additives. This means that if you choose to buy polypropylene furniture, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of options.

In the case of Ezpeleta, all these advantages have allowed us to create a collection of furniture that stands out for both its variety and its quality.



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