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Gray upholstered dining chairs with arms

The armchair with a wide seat and a comfortable ergonomic back decorated with vertical stitching. High strength velor upholstery. The metal framework maintains loading to 150 kg


This Velvet Grey Armrest Dining Chair features sophisticated Luxury Grey velvet upholstery that is soft to touch and adds to the visual texture and depth of this elegant piece. This chair has a modern, sophisticated armrest design that makes it perfect for any family dining room. The durable, steel metal legs add an elegant touch to the chair, adding a touch of modern style.

This gorgeous chair is a true statement piece for any dining room and provides comfort and beauty to those that gather around the table. It can be dressed up for large family gatherings or dressed down for an intimate dinner for two. It's perfect for any occasion and is sure to bring beauty and comfort to any space. The velvet upholstery is designed to last, even through multiple courses of a big meal. The finish of the metal legs are designed to withstand wear and tear and stay looking new through many years of family gatherings.

The high-backed armrest provides a stylish and comfortable place for guests to rest their arms. The velvet texture feels luxurious and provides a comfortable seat for long periods of time. The combination of the deep grey and steel legs creates a modern, luxurious style that is sure to stand out among any classic wooden dining chairs.

This Velvet Grey Armrest Dining Chair is perfect for any homeowner who wants to incorporate a sophisticated and chic style into their dining room. The high quality velvet upholstery and sleek metal legs combine to create a piece of furniture that will bring beauty to any dining space and warmth to the heart of your home. This beautiful piece of furniture is not only stylish but also comfortable, and it is sure to be cherished in your home for years to come.




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