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Scandinavian dining chair

The Tulip chair will organically fit into the interior in a laconic style - minimalism, retro or opt-art. The monolithic seat made of eco-leather and black plastic supports a comfortable body position and at the same time looks fresh and stylish. The natural, unpainted solid beech frame creates a contrast with the shade of the seat. The environmental friendliness and relevance of the model is appropriate in the setting of a coffee shop or bar or at home in the living room or dining room.


When looking for a classic and chic dining chair, the Tulip Dining Chair is the perfect choice. Combining the best elements of both the style and functionality, this chair is sure to add a timeless element to your dining space.

Made with a polypropylene seat and a sturdy beech wood leg, this chair is designed to provide a comfortable, supportive seating experience. The polypropylene material ensures that the chair is waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Plus, the beech wood leg gives the chair added stability and durability, making it a great furniture addition to any dining room.

This chair also features a comfortable cushioned seat, which offers perfect lumbar support while you're enjoying your mealtimes. The cushion is made from high-density foam and is extra thick, providing maximum comfort during extended periods of use. The cushion is also resistant to deterioration and ensures that the chair remains comfortable for a long time.

The Tulip Dining Chair is a stylish and practical choice that has a modern aesthetic. Its tulip shape design allows for a unique look, while still being an integral part of any professional or home dining room. The shape also ensures plenty of legroom, allowing people in the family or around the table to sit comfortably. As an added bonus, the smooth finish on the chair also makes it easy to clean.

In terms of design, the Tulip Dining Chair looks great in any dining setting. The combination of the polypropylene seat and beechwood leg makes this chair a tasteful and sophisticated addition to any interior. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your unique style.

The Tulip Dining Chair is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern yet timeless look for their dining room. It has both style and substance and stands out from the rest thanks to its unique shape. With a comfortable cushion, durable material and a sturdy construction, you can rest assured that it will last you a lifetime.




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