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Tolix Armchair Dining Kitchen Bistro Industrial White

Its industrial design will give character to your home. Rugged and lightweight, it is also very comfortable and can be used around the table in your living room in a loft. For a more classy touch, you can add a little cushion color matching your decor. It is a versatile chair, simple and comfortable, it will fit to any interior and will be seduced by this chair.


Are you in need of a chair that looks stylish and provides comfortable seating for customers in your cafe, bistro, kitchen, or restaurant? The Tolix Dining Chair is the perfect chair for any establishment.

Designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934, the Tolix chair is a classic piece of furniture that is both timeless and modern. Recognizable by its iron structure, this chair comes in a variety of colors, from gunmetal to white. It is made from steel, with a matte or glossy finish, and features a curved back that supports the body in comfort and style.

The Tolix dining chair is stackable, which makes it ideal for restaurants and other eateries with limited space. The stackable design allows multiple chairs to be stored on top of each other, thus freeing up floor space as necessary. In addition to being stackable, the Tolix chair is also lightweight and easy to move. These features make the chair very practical and highly suitable for use in any modern environment.

A special version of the Tolix chair is its armrest version, which features four legs and two armrests to provide extra support. This design is ideal for cafes, bistros, and other dining establishments that require seating for customers. These armrests provide ideal comfort for long meals, giving customers the option to rest their arms while enjoying their food.

The Tolix dining chair is specially designed to keep its shape and looks for years with minimal maintenance. Its steel structure is highly durable and rust-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use or in establishments that are exposed to high levels of moisture. The chair's surfaces can be easily cleaned with soapy water or other commercial cleaning products to maintain its shining look for longer years.

In conclusion, the Tolix dining chair is an ideal seating solution for any commercial or residential space. With its stackable and armrest features, versatility, and design, the Tolix chair has a timeless look that fits perfectly into any modern environment. Its steel construction makes it highly durable and robust, while its easy maintenance allows it to keep its form and shine for a longer lifespan. Available in multiple colors and finishes, the Tolix dining chair is a must-have choice for cafes, bistros, kitchens, and other eateries.




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