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Tolix Armchair Metal Bistro Industrial Yellow Wood Board

Dining Chair with armrest Bistrot Metalix industrial Metal and Light Wood - New Edition
This is a rustic industrial style dining chair with an armrest. Solid, stable, and comfortable. The structure is made of steel covered with a glossy finish and a seat of light wood. Perfect for indoors, outdoors, restaurants, cafes, and ready to offer a sociable atmosphere.


The Tolix Armchair is truly a classic. Timeless and chic, the armchair has held its place in the home and commercial markets alike since 1934 and shows no signs of slowing down. The Tolix Armchair is known for its iconic X-brace design, which is made from galvanized steel, is lightweight and provides extra durability and strength. For an added touch of style and flair, this armchair is available in a range of colours, including the iconic yellow.

The armchair is perfect for the basics, providing a stylish yet comfortable seating option for the home and office. Its lack of arms makes the chair great for squeezing into tight areas, and its slightly slanted back provides excellent lumbar support. But that’s not all — its stackable design allows you to easily stack several chairs together for easy storage, making it ideal for cafe, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, and dining settings.

The Tolix Armchair is not only stylish and comfortable, but it's also incredibly durable. Made of galvanized steel, the chair can withstand the elements, heavy-duty use, and frequent movement without losing its shape or tapering. As a bonus, the steel finish is resistant to scratches, chips, and dings, so you can rest assured that it will look and feel just as great as it did the day you brought it home.

The Tolix Armchair also features a solid wood board, which not only adds to its classic and vintage aesthetic but also boosts its durability. By using wood and metal together, you get a seat that won't easily break or bend, ensuring your chair will stay as secure and dependable as the day you purchased it. The wood also helps to cushion your seat and make it more comfortable, giving you not only added style but also a comfortable feel that won’t get worn out over time.

The Tolix Armchair is a classic piece that combines style, comfort and quality in one perfect package. With its iconic X-brace design and versatile colours, it’s easy to incorporate this armchair into almost any decor. Thanks to its stackable design and sturdy materials, it is also an incredibly practical and cost-effective option for home, office and commercial settings. Its solid wood board also helps to cushion your seat and gives you a great classic look that won’t easily fade or become worn out.




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