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Tolix Armchair Metal Bistro Industrial White Wood Board

Dining Chair with armrest Bistrot Metalix industrial Metal and Light Wood - New Edition

This is a rustic industrial style dining chair with an armrest. Solid, stable, and comfortable. The structure is made of steel covered with a glossy finish and a seat of light wood. Perfect for indoors, outdoors, restaurants, cafes, and ready to offer a sociable atmosphere.


The Tolix Armchair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an incredibly stylish and comfortable seating solution for their cafe, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, dining space or home. This timeless classic is specifically designed for comfort, with its wide, contoured back and cushioned armrests providing ultimate relaxation for your guests. Constructed from high-grade galvanized steel, this armchair is both sturdy and durable ensuring it will withstand even the busiest of environments.

Its light, crisp white finish gives the armchair an effortless contemporary feel that will effortlessly blend with a range of existing decor styles. The versatile look of the chair makes it well suited to any environment, allowing it to effortlessly transition from a cafe to a home. Its minimalist appearance allows it to be stylishly used both indoors and outdoors, adding a chic element to your overall look. The armchair is also stackable, allowing for easy storage and transportation; perfect for busy cafe and restaurants that need to expand their seating areas when the occasion calls for it.

The cushioned armrests are covered in a thick, vinyl upholstery which provide added support while also being super soft and comfortable. The convenient wooden boards placed across the back of the armchair creates a convenient surface which can be used as a handy place to rest your drinks or hold your phone or keys.

The Tolix Armchair is a modern marvel and one of the most popular seating solutions around. Its timeless and classic design paired with its durable and high-quality construction make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish armchair. Whether used in a busy cafe, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, dining space or home, the Tolix Armchair is definitely the perfect choice for adding a touch of comfort, elegance, and sophistication to any space.




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