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Tolix Armchair Metal Bistro Industrial Black Glossy Wood Board

Dining Chair with armrest Bistrot Metalix industrial Metal and Light Wood - New Edition
This is a rustic industrial style dining chair with an armrest. Solid, stable, and comfortable. The structure is made of steel covered with a glossy finish and a seat of light wood. Perfect for indoors, outdoors, restaurants, cafes, and ready to offer a sociable atmosphere.


An Iconic Armchair for Home and Business The Tolix armchair is an iconic design that has become the go-to furniture piece for home, cafe, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, and dining settings. Its classic style has endured for decades, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any room. The black Tolix armchair is a smart choice for any contemporary home or business.

Stylish, Sturdy Design The Tolix armchair is designed to provide reliable strength renowned for many years. Its steel construction is lightweight, yet durable and stable, giving the chair a comfortable seating experience. This timeless chair can handle continual use and exposure to moisture without becoming unstable. Featuring an ergonomic design, the chair’s armrests provide additional support while you relax. Additionally, the stackable design helps to save space when needed.

Versatile Design The Tolix armchair is extremely versatile. You can easily mix and match it with different furniture pieces to create a unique look in any setting. The black finish pairs perfectly with modern décor and its stackable design allows you to save space when not in use. The armrests provide additional comfort, and its steel construction makes it an ideal choice for everyday use and commercial establishments.

Functional and Stylish The Tolix armchair is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that can bring any room together. It looks great in homes, cafes, bistros, kitchens, dining settings, and more. Thanks to its timeless design and classic black finish, it complements many styles and decor schemes. Its steel construction, with armrests and a stackable design, adds convenience and style to any modern living space.

Easy to Clean With the Tolix armchair, keeping it clean is a snap. Its steel construction is easy to wipe down, and its black finish helps to hide scratches and wear. The chair also comes with a wooden board, so you can protect the chair’s surface from spills or scratches.

The Tolix armchair is an iconic and timeless piece of furniture that looks great in any setting. Its black finish, steel construction, ergonomic armrests, and stackable design make it an ideal choice for home or business. It’s easy to clean and can bring any room together with its unique design. Whether you’re looking for an armchair for your living room, cafe, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, or dining setting, the Tolix armchair is sure to be a stylish and functional choice.




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