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Tulip Dining Chair Kids White

Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair
The Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair is a great deal for parents looking for versatility. It is ideal for use as a desk chair or dining chair, among other purposes.
Available in several colours, this children's chair boasts a simple, yet durable design. The seat has been crafted from high-grade polypropylene material. It offers a spacious sitting space, adequate back support, and bolted PU cushioning for enhanced comfort. Also worth noting is the solid beech wooden legs, which guarantee stability, an important aspect when it comes to kids' safety.
Get it today at an affordable price and let your kids enjoy study time, or dining.


This unique kid's chair is a stylish and comfortable piece perfect for any kid’s bedroom or playroom. Crafted with a white polypropylene seat, a soft cushion and sturdy wood legs, it’s a chair that’s both functional and great-looking.

Polypropylene is an incredibly strong and durable material that can withstand wear and tear and is water resistant, making it ideal for kids’ furniture. It’s lightweight, enabling kids to easily move the chair or even take to their friends’ homes. With its clean lines, this chair will fit well with any décor.

The back and seat of the chair are cushioned for comfort, making a pleasant spot to relax and watch the world go by. The legs are made from solid wood, providing stability during use and ensuring the chair can hold the weight of a child. The chair is equipped with supple armrests, so kids can sit back in comfort as they play games, watch cartoons or read books.

The color of this chair, white, emits a feeling of serenity into the room and blends in with other décor. If parents wish to add an extra burst of color to the room, then this chair can be complemented with decorative pillows or throws in a variety of vibrant hues.

This chair is the perfect size for kids of all ages, as they can enjoy it as they grow up. Its simplistic design fits into any interior style, be it contemporary, traditional or any eclectic combination. Furthermore, being made from polypropylene, it’s easy to clean and maintains its pristine finish.

With clean lines and great comfort, this chair is an excellent choice for any kids’ bedroom or playroom. The white polypropylene seat, combined with the soft cushion and solid wood legs, make a comfortable, supportive chair that will get your child off the floor and into the cozy world of relaxation.




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