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Tulip Dining Chair Kids Gray

Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair
The Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair is a great deal for parents looking for versatility. It is ideal for use as a desk chair or dining chair, among other purposes.
Available in several colours, this children's chair boasts a simple, yet durable design. The seat has been crafted from high-grade polypropylene material. It offers a spacious sitting space, adequate back support, and bolted PU cushioning for enhanced comfort. Also worth noting is the solid beech wooden legs, which guarantee stability, an important aspect when it comes to kids' safety.
Get it today at an affordable price and let your kids enjoy study time, or dining.


This Grey Polypropylene Kids Chair is the perfect addition to any child’s room. The cushioned seat will provide plenty of comfort for your child while they read, play or simply relax in this stylish chair.

The high-quality construction of the chair’s frame is perfect for the playroom, bedroom, living room or anywhere a child may need a comfortable seat. The chair is made from durable and lasting wood, so it can provide hours of comfort to your precious little one. The four legs of the chair are designed for stability, ensuring that your child is securely seated.

This chair has a grey polypropylene seat for a contemporary look. The soft and cushioning upholstery will make your youngsters feel comfortable, providing accurate support for the spine. As the surface is antimicrobial, this chair can be kept clean and hygienic even with regular use. This chair also is easy to assemble, so you can quickly set it up for your child to enjoy.

Our Grey Polypropylene Kids Chair is an excellent addition to any child’s room. Whether it’s a playroom, bedroom or any other place in the home that needs a comfortable spot for your youngster, this chair will bring style and comfort to the decor. The beautiful finish and great design bring a traditional and timeless look to the piece. The versatile and modern design will fit in perfectly with the decor of any room, making this chair great for children of any age. Plus, you can feel confident that whatever little spills or messes may occur, this chair can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Bring this amazing piece of furniture to your home and complement your decor with a modern design. This Grey Polypropylene Chair offers style and plenty of comfort for your little one. Enjoy the soft cushions and the sophisticated style of this durable and comfortable chair.




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