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DAR Chair Dark Blue


The Eames DAR Chair is a classic piece of furniture that has come to epitomize mid-century modern design. Combining form and function, this iconic chair is perfect for any modern office or home. Features include a dark blue polypropylene seat with a chromed metal base.

The modern design of the Eames DAR Chair makes it an excellent complement to any contemporary setting. Its simple lines, bold curves, and chromed metal base make it an eye-catching piece of brutalist furniture that will anchor a room with ease. The dark blue polypropylene seat’s foam padded surface and comfortable springiness makes it a pleasure to sit in for hours. The ideal balance of comfort, quality and affordability makes the Eames DAR Chair an unbeatable choice.

The Eames DAR Chair’s design is based off of the iconic chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, the trailblazing couple of modern furniture design. Their pioneering “Organic Design” philosophy inspired them to create pieces of furniture based on the natural world, resulting in chairs that embodied comfort and quality. Drawing inspiration from these iconic designs, the Eames DAR Chair provides an up-to-date version with a sleek, contemporary look.

The Eames DAR Chair’s chromed metal base provides maximum stability and sturdiness, allowing for a secure and comfortable seating experience. Completely living up to their midcentury pedigree, the Eames DAR Chair requires no assembly and is lightweight and easy to move, making your design decisions even easier.

The Eames DAR Chair’s polypropylene material makes it resistant to wear and weather, making it an excellent choice to use both inside and outside. The dark blue color is also a great choice if you’re looking for a piece of furniture with maximum versatility and timeless appeal. In addition, its sleek design is attractive and modern, and it will be a conversation starter and eye-catcher for years to come.

In conclusion, the Eames DAR Chair is a modern classic that is a must-have for any contemporary space. Combining form and function, its tasteful design, comfortable padding, and chromed metal base make it an unbeatable choice. Its versatility and timelessness are what truly make this chair stand out from the crowd, and its dark blue polypropylene material is a great choice for any outdoor or indoor setting. With the Eames DAR Chair, you get the best of both form and function, and it’s sure to be a beloved staple of your home or office for years to come.




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