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DAR Chair Light Gray


The Eames DAR Chair is a mid-century modern classic that combines both functional design and contemporary styling. The chair offers a modern aesthetic with a timeless silhouette that instantly adds style and sophistication to any space. The polypropylene seat is finished in a light grey color and features an ergonomic shape that encourages comfort and flexibility. The curved backrest of the chair is designed to provide lumbar support and reduce back tension, helping to keep the user relaxed even after extended periods of seating.

The chair's legs and base are made of a strong chromed metal material and feature a stable four-legged design that ensures proper weight distribution on any surface. The chair's stability is further reinforced by its symmetric base that prevents the weight of the user from creating any imbalances in the chair's ergonomics. Additionally, each of the four legs comes with a built-in floor-protecting foot that prevents the chair from sliding when used on hard surfaces.

The Eames DAR Chair is a great addition to any décor style, whether it's modern contemporary or traditional. Its comfortable design, ergonomic shape, stylish chromed metal legs, and lightweight body make it a versatile choice for any home or office. Furthermore, the light grey polypropylene seat allows the chair to easily complement a wide range of furniture pieces, allowing users to create a harmonious look within a space.

Giving the chair a further boost of personality and visual charm are its armrests, which have been designed with curves and molded details to provide additional comfort and support. The chair comes with adjustable seat-height options, making it suitable for a variety of users and seating types. Furthermore, due to the lightweight and ergonomic nature of the chair, it can easily be moved and repositioned as needed.

The Eames DAR Chair is an excellent choice for those who want to bring style and comfort to their home or office. With its modern aesthetic, classic silhouette, light grey polypropylene seat, and chromed metal base, the chair promises to become a timeless addition to any décor. Its four-legged structure ensures that the user's weight is evenly distributed across the chair, making it comfortable and safe to use for extended periods of time. Thanks to its adjustable seat-height option and comfortable armrests, the chair provides a great combination of comfort and style.




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