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DAR Chair Leaf Green


The Eames DAR chair, with its distinctive green polypropylene seat and chromed metal base, combines both classic and contemporary style to create an attractive and timeless piece of modern furniture. The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, renowned designers of the mid-twentieth century, and has become an icon of modern home décor and lifestyle.

The green polypropylene seat is durable and comfortable, providing firm but cushioned seating due to its lightweight and hollow form. To keep the chair looking its best, a damp cloth and mild detergent can be used to wipe away dirt and stains. This means that the color and vibrancy of the green seat will remain intact, so the chair will remain looking and feeling as fresh as the day it was purchased.

The chromed metal base of the Eames DAR chair adds a touch of style and sophistication. The rounded frame of the base ensures maximum stability, and its glossy, reflective finish adds a modern edge to the chair’s overall look. The chrome finish also provides a unique and stylish contrast to the green seat and helps to make the chair stand out from other furniture pieces.

The timeless design of the Eames DAR chair makes it perfect for any style of home décor. Whether it is placed in a minimalist living room, a retro kitchen, or a contemporary office space, the chair fits in flawlessly and provides a distinctive touch of modern elegance. Its ability to be the main feature of a room, or to be subtly integrated into a wider design scheme, helps to ensure that it remains an ever-popular choice amongst discerning home décor buyers.

The Eames DAR chair is an ideal choice for those who appreciate quality and style. Its combination of strong and durable materials, combined with its iconic design, ensures that it will look as attractive and timeless in years to come as it does today. Whether placed in an office, a home, or anywhere else in between, the Eames DAR chair will always make a great addition to any space due to its attractive and modern look.




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