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Tolix Armchair Dining Kitchen Bistro Industrial Blue

Its industrial design will give character to your home. Rugged and lightweight, it is also very comfortable and can be used around the table in your living room in a loft. For a more classy touch, you can add a little cushion color matching your decor. It is a versatile chair, simple and comfortable, it will fit to any interior and will be seduced by this chair.


The Tolix Dining Chair is the perfect choice for any Cafe, Bistro, Restaurant, Kitchen, or Home. It is crafted from sturdy yet lightweight steel, which makes it perfect for seating several people at once. The chair's sleek design allows for an uncomplicated yet beautiful addition to almost any dining setting. The design gives the perfect amount of modern sophistication, while still being inviting and approachable. Its armrest adds a level of comfort and ergonomics, while its solid navy blue finish adds an elegant and functional touch.

This exquisite chair is versatile enough to be used in both interior and exterior settings, making it the perfect solution for any event or space. The stackable design of the chairs makes them easy to store and transport, while their lightweight steel construction enables it to support a significant amount of weight with ease. Whether you are having a formal dinner, a casual get together, or anything in between, the Tolix Dining Chair can handle it with style.

The Tolix Dining Chair's navy blue finish gives it an air of nautical charm, making it a welcome sight in any home or business. Its durable nature ensures that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, in a variety of weather conditions. This means that it will easily last for years and maintain its original condition without leaving behind any scratches or fading. Additionally, the chair's unique design allows for it to be easily cleaned, both with a damp cloth and with a hand-held cleaning wand.

The Tolix Dining Chair is sure to add a touch of class and sophisticated elegance to almost any setting. Its modern design, comfortable armrest, and classic navy blue finish make it a great choice for a variety of settings, ranging from cafes and restaurants to homes and apartments. This original design offers an amazing combination of comfort, style and durability, all while providing the perfect balance between modern sophistication and accessible elegance.




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