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Tolix Armchair Metal Bistro Industrial Pink Wood Board

Dining Chair with armrest Bistrot Metalix industrial Metal and Light Wood - New Edition
This is a rustic industrial style dining chair with an armrest. Solid, stable, and comfortable. The structure is made of steel covered with a glossy finish and a seat of light wood. Perfect for indoors, outdoors, restaurants, cafes, and ready to offer a sociable atmosphere.


The Tolix Armchair is a perfect seating solution for your living space, bistro, cafe, kitchen, dining and restaurant areas. This high quality and versatile armchair is made of the finest materials to provide comfort and grace in any setting. The unique design of the Tolix Armchair makes it look stylish and modern while being sturdy and durable.

The armrests of the Tolix Armchair are made of a top-grade steel frame that is both lightweight and strong to provide maximum support and stability when in use. The seat and backrest are upholstered with thick cushioning for incredible comfort and support for your body. The seating area is generously padded to provide comfort, making the Tolix Armchair an ideal choice for all seating requirements. The stylish appeal of the armchair is enhanced by the beautiful pink armrests that make it even more eye-catching.

The Tolix Armchair is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for busy areas. The armchair is easy to stack together and can be easily stored when not in use. This stackability makes it a great option for commercial areas such as cafes, bistros and restaurants, where seating moves quickly and space is often an issue.

The Tolix Armchair is made of high-quality materials, and it features a sturdy wood seat board. This robust construction makes it perfect for providing comfortable seating in a variety of different settings. The armchair is strong enough to withstand regular daily use, as well as occasional use at parties and gatherings. The Tolix Armchair can be easily moved around and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The cushioning in the Tolix Armchair is made of a special foam that is both resilient and breathable to ensure maximum comfort at all times. It keeps its shape after months of use and is easy to clean and maintain. The armchair is also highly durable, does not get damaged easily and can withstand years of use.

The Tolix Armchair is a sophisticated option for any home, cafe, bistro, kitchen or restaurant, as it provides comfortable seating in an unforgettable aesthetic. It is made of the finest materials for maximum strength, support and style. With its contemporary design and attractive pink armrests, the Tolix Armchair is the perfect solution for adding a touch of class to any setting.




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