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Tulip Dining Chair Kids Red

Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair
The Cushioned High Back Kids' Chair is a great deal for parents looking for versatility. It is ideal for use as a desk chair or dining chair, among other purposes.
Available in several colours, this children's chair boasts a simple, yet durable design. The seat has been crafted from high-grade polypropylene material. It offers a spacious sitting space, adequate back support, and bolted PU cushioning for enhanced comfort. Also worth noting is the solid beech wooden legs, which guarantee stability, an important aspect when it comes to kids' safety.
Get it today at an affordable price and let your kids enjoy study time, or dining.


Every kid needs an appropriate, comfortable chair to sit in for those all-important reading, drawing, and craft activities. This Kids Chair is designed to provide that perfect place for your little one to relax and daydream.

This Kids Chair features a Red-colored Polypropylene Seat and soft cushioning, as well as a sturdy wooden legs. The beautiful hue of the red seat will be a pleasant addition to your child's bedroom, playroom, or even your living room. The high-quality materials used to make this chair ensures it is durable and long-lasting, providing a safe and stable seating option for your child.

The Kids Chair has been specially designed to be comfortable and reliable. The high-quality polypropylene used to create this chair has been laboratory tested to ensure it is strong, flame-retardant, and odor-free. The seat fabric also provides optimum comfort, as it is highly breathable, allowing your child to sit for hours without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

The padded cushion on the chair helps to make it even more comfortable for your little one. The cushion's thick foam ensures softness and support for your child, allowing them to relax and focus on their tasks. The cushion also features a removable cover, making it easy to keep clean whenever necessary.

This Kids Chair is further made reliable and secure by its sturdy wooden legs. The legs have been tested for strength, ensuring your child is safely supported and protected from any unwanted wobble from their seating surface. The legs also feature a non-slip coating to further add to the overall stability of the chair.

Your child will love having their own special chair. This Kids Chair is the perfect way to provide them the comfort and style they need to do their homework, draw, and create. Whether placed in their bedroom or your study, it's a great piece of furniture they'll enjoy going to when they need to focus. Invest in their comfort and educational pursuits with this stylish Kids Chair.




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