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DAR Chair Dark Green


The Eames DAR chair is an iconic example of mid-century modern design that serves as a timeless addition to any space. Crafted with luxurious curves, it features a low silhouette that makes it an ideal option for small or tight spaces. In addition, the chair has an elegant feel with its dark green seat and distinctively polished black metal legs. The DAR chair has been praised as one of the most iconic and influential designs of the twentieth century.

Designed by the celebrated duo Charles and Ray Eames, the DAR chair is named after ‘DAR’, the acronym for ‘Dining Armchair, Rod Base’. This stylish design was originally released in 1950 and has since grown to be a classic piece of furniture. Known for its classic aesthetic and ergonomic design, it has secured its place in modern interiors as one of the most iconic mid-century modern designs.

The Eames DAR chair has a distinct aesthetic, constructed from high-quality materials and classic craftsmanship. Its rounded base is constructed from lacquered metal, while its seat and backrest are made from fabric or vinyl. This combination creates a look that is both stylish and comfortable, allowing the piece to fit seamlessly into a variety of settings. The chair’s dark green seat is particularly striking, allowing it to stand out as a symbol of mid-century modern design.

The Eames DAR chair is fabled for its timeless design that fits comfortably in both modern and traditional settings. Its high-quality construction and luxurious curves give the piece a sophisticated feel, while its low profile allows it to take a smaller footprint in more compact environments. Perfect for dining, this chair is ideal for small tables in kitchens or living rooms. Alternatively, it can also be used as a workspace chair that provides comfort and support, allowing for comfortable hours of productive work.

The Eames DAR chair is a classic example of mid-century modern design and is perfect for any space looking to create a timeless aesthetic. Its unique combination of form, function, material, and craftsmanship makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking to add a classic piece of iconic design to their home or business. Combining comfort and style, the dark green seat of the Eames DAR chair will charm and delight all who come across this classic piece.




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