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DAR Chair Red


The Eames DAR, or Dynamic Action Rocker, is a must-have modern furniture piece that can bring a touch of vintage-inspired style to any room. With its iconic red seat and wooden frame, this chair was designed by husband and wife design team Ray and Charles Eames and is considered to be one of their most eye-catching and innovative creations.

The Eames DAR offers a perfect balance of comfort, style, and function. The design of the chair is simple, but the materials used and the craftsmanship of the piece create a stunning effect. The sturdy hardwood frame and the luxurious upholstered seat are designed to last. The chair's ergonomically designed silhouette offers a comfortable seat and it's low to the ground which makes it easy to sit in.

The base of the chair is uniquely formed to create an organic rocking shape that is both comfortable and visually appealing. The finely crafted wooden frame features a unique rock and recline function, allowing users to adjust the seat according to their personal comfort level. The seat itself is upholstered with a sumptuous red fabric that adds a touch of classic elegance to any room.

The Eames DAR offers both beauty and performance, making it an ideal piece for any living room or home office. The chair's versatility makes it suitable for all types of settings, from a modern art gallery to a casual living space. With its stylish yet timeless design and its versatile functionality, the Eames DAR is the perfect complement to any room's decor.

This amazing chair may be regarded as a classic piece of furniture, but its modern appeal and functionality will never go out of style. The Eames DAR makes a beautiful addition to any living room, but its versatility makes it a great choice for any home office or living space. With its smooth lines and classic style, the chair is the perfect blend of classic and modern.

Whether you opt for the traditional wooden base or the more contemporary pebble effect base, the Eames DAR will make a great addition to any type of room. The unique rocker design makes it easy to relax in and the classic red upholstery gives the chair a timeless elegance. With its comfortable seat, its easy recline, and its classic style, the Eames DAR will bring a touch of vintage-inspired style to any living space.




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